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is the name of a philosophy of life

claiming in broad outline that mankind will have to start

 respecting life and well-being of all kinds of creatures on Earth

fully as soon as possible, in case it wants the possibility to continue

 its existance on this planet not to disappear within a few decades

 and at the same time this existance to

 become paradisally.



The more or less central idea in this philosophy is the empirically arosen conviction that in nature a rule exists implying that killing another living being or reducing another living being's natural well-being in principle always is punished proportionally by nature sooner or later.

Meanwhile the other side of this medal is that those beings that succeed in living their life without killing or hurting other living beings, don't deserve any punishment and therefore won't get any. As a result they will have the opportunity to fully enjoy all the aspects of nature on Earth that are destined to give their life on this planet a paradisal character.

As for the way of life in which (as good as) no other living beings are killed or hurt can be said that the most natural way of life possible is the most suitable one for this purpose; be it that then as well one has to take good care not to hurt other beings.

For instance when living as naturally as possible in a forest, one still has to take care not to harm especcially animals and plants there; (no breaking braches, no removal of nettles, no mosquito slaughter, no raw treatment of snails, etcetera, etcetera ). Further more one uses as little as possible artificially produced objects there, as these all have been produced in a (mostly industrial) way that took the life of big numbers of microbes (by use of fire and fuel), but also in many a case cause environmental pollution that at least reduces well-being of many other living beings.

When living in a nowadays more common situation like in a townhouse, one in the first place feeds oneself with the most natural foodstuff possible (Raw-fructarian), but also uses as little energy and fuel as possible, among others for heating and transportation. Apart from that one takes care that one's behaviour in whatever another field is as human-, animal-, plant-, and microbe-friendly as possible.

It goes without saying that the more Earth inhabitants will persue such a life friendly way of behavior, the more nowadays threats of man's existance on this planet will be reduced and the more paradisal their stay under the moon will become; (disappearance of environmental problems, of illnesses,  of accidents, of wars, of overstrain, etcetera, etcetera).

Instead of still having to undergo that kind of punishments they are 'rewarded' with more or less heavenly experiences like a most intense enjoyment of the beauty and other sensual pleasures of plant world and its fruits, as well as a most friendly relationship with animal world and not to forget with each other. 










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 ©   Copyright Nicolas Pleumekers

(Founder and director of the Nature Protection Foundation)