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~ About Paradise ~ 


  "All roses"


On this page an attempt will be 

made to paint a fullest possible picture of what 

it actually means when the words "Earth" and "Paradise" are

mentioned in combination with each other, which mostly happens as   

"Earth Paradise", "Earthly Paradise, " Paradise Earth", "Paradise on Earth".



According to the creation story the human kindness has only very shortly had the ineffable pleasure to live under paradisiacal conditions.

The fact that this story doesn't describe what exactly it was that made those conditions paradisiacal, indicates that the author(s) will have assumed that everybody knows what the word Paradise means and includes.

But how can everybody know that when apart from the first two human beings all of humanity untill now had to live in unparadisiacal conditions, the so called "Paradise lost"?

In view of the foregoing there's not much else to do but presuming that every human being does have an idea of what the word Paradise implies, but that this idea is different for everyone and depending on one's personal experiences.

Generally spoken in this context it will make much difference in how far one has had the opportunity to stay in the most natural conditions possible.  

The presumption that when the two first human being started being present on Earth circumstances on this planet were as good as perfectly natural is very legitimate, as according to the theorie of evolution, which is the most accepted theorie in this field, until then there were no beings on Earth that were able to change those circumstances in an unnatural way.




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Perfectly natural circumstances

Now what are the main characteristics of perfectly natural circumstances, which are considered to be basically paradise?  

One of the main pleasantnesses that are characteristic for paradise indeed is the superb beauty of many kinds of living beings there.

It's a beauty that hasn't been damaged by factors like pollution, stress and shortage, so that what can be seen in a zoo or a touristic wildlife reserve in this respect is not very much more than a pale shadow of perfectly natural beauty.

Birds, butterflies, cats and many other kinds of most splendid animals, trees, other plants, blossoms, other flowers, autumn colours, they all are magnificent and a human being in the required condition can indulge himself all day long, so that he or she really doesn't need any let's say firework shows or glossy's as substitutes.

Apart from living beings there are other natural elements that in many a case offer a gorgeous sight. Many kinds of plant fruits for instance, sunsets, sunrises, lakes and rivers, mountains, a sparking starry sky,  moonlit nights, and so on.

Talking about the splendor of blossoms and other flowers, in paradise this is inextricably linked to another main pleasantness, namely the heavenly fragrances many kinds of them fill the air with for weeks. As in a perfect natural situation there are no industrial odors or exhaust fumes that can marginalize the mentioned natural fragances,  it is possible to fully enjoy also this agreeableness there.




By the way air

Also when it's not filled with the mentioned flower fragrances, in a perfectly natural situation it still is a delight to breath it in, as it is always perfectly pure and more than that full of salutary plant aroma's, whether or not supplemented with refreshing vapors from a nearby (perfectly clean) river or other water. 


By the way waters

As has just breen touched on, in paradise they are perfectly clean. This means mainly: no discharges from chemical industries, no poison and fertilizers from agriculture, no oil slicks, no radioactive leaks, and no outflow of whether or not partially purified sewage content; just pure fresh water, as it falls from the (unpolluted) sky, or springs from pure natural sources, in which no chemical stuff has arrived by means of shale gas or -oil extraction.

Natural perfectly clean waters are ideal for bathing and swimming, not least because of their strong beneficial effect on humans.


Natural sounds

Of course in a perfectly natural situation there is no noise coming from technical products. No aircraft noise, no road traffic noise and no blaring transistorradio's.

At night in principle it's perfectly silent; only typical nightbirds like owls now and then make their presence audible. But that can't be called noise; mostly it sounds nice.

By day there are a lot more sources of tunefull sounds; many kinds of birds singing their   song, elephants playing the trompet and last but not least humans, among which children, singing or whistling spontaniously without needing any instrumental backing.


Pure natural food

In a paradise-like situation all the food humans need naturally grows on trees and other plants, so that any kind of agriculture is unnecessary. 

Indeed, use of animal food, which is unnatural for humans, doesn't occur in paradise, also because obtaining it implies one of the biggest misdeeds a human being can commit there and as a result would lead to exil, (the way it is said to have happened once to Adam and Eve, although in the Paradisionistic vision not because they ate the apple but because they took the snake from the tree, killed it and ate it). 

Also arabal farming, which predominantly focuses on the production of food that is not edible raw but has to be processed first, has very nature unfriendly aspects and therefore doesn't occur in paradise either.

So all that humans have to do in paradise is pluck or pick the plant fruits they desire and eat them raw, or store some of them for winter (e.g. nuts, long-lasting appels and pears, dried fruits, as well as raw edible seeds, grains, kernels, etc.) .


In that way they don't need lots of energy for agricultural activities or for earning money to buy food with, so that their Pure Fructarian feeding pattern provides them with sufficiently of it. 


Edible wild berries 

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Because in  paradise people don't use any artificial means nor animals to move themselves or transport things, but just do this walking or swimming, the danger of traffic-accidents doesn't exist. 

By the way, animals are considered to be free beings like humans themselves and therefore aren't exploited in any way, including as a means of transportation.

As a result children can play anywhere they want, whereas their parents don't have to be worried about what all can happen to them due to motorised vehicles passing there. 

(In nowadays paradise-lost situation yearly more than one milion people die in a traffic accidents; this is more than three thousand every day.) 

About the only danger one has to take into account in paradise is the one of animals becoming furious for what people in their innocence have done to them, their congeners, or other animals. But the risk that this occurs is very small when the most prominent principle people adhere to is taking very good care to respect life and well-being of all kinds of living beings to a degree as large as possible.

Of course inter-human violence doesn't exist either in a Vivistic paradise-regained.


Climate and biotope

Because their vivistic way of behaviour results in such a high degree of well-being in their natural habitat, in paradise people aren't plagued by any desire for other places, so that all are living in their own natural kind of climate and biotope.

As a result nobody there is for instance suffering from an impaired health or a lower level of well-being due to permanent residence in a climate to which certain of one's physical properties are not set. Thence among other things shortage of (sun-) vitamine D due to a surplus of pigment, or skin cancer due to an insufficiency of pigment don't occur.

Also as a result it doesn't occur that people suffer from stress or other adverse effects caused by the presence of people who naturally belong in another place with another kind of climate and biotope.

Of course the fact that paradise people don't use any kinds of unnatural transportation and only replace themselves walking or swimming alco contributes to achieving the ideal situation mentioned.


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As in a purely natural situation nothing is produced in an unnatural way, none of the objects that in nowadays paradise-lost situation pass for the most coveted ones exist.

Hence no money, no concrete houses, no jewelry, not anything that in nowadays materialistic societies turns out to be that desired by many that individually obtaining as much as possible of it has become an obsession that must be regarded as the main cause of a very grave reduction of planet Earth's livability and of a severe degree of criminality among its human inhabitants.

In paradise on the contrary the relatively few kinds of objects that are produced are produced in a purely natural and life-friendly way (e.g. baskets out of dry reed), whereas the makers in principle have been pleased to destinate them for common ownership and use, also because people there are aware that personal property tends to lead to undesirable consequences for interpersonal relationships and to a reduced ability to experience the natural values.

So in paradise personal property is avoided to the greatest extent possible, whereas the relatively few objects that one produces are preferably jointly owned. 


Human interaction

The fact that in a paradise-like situation humans feed themselves completely with pure natural and perfectly life-friendly nutrition has very positive consequences for among others their interaction.

As use of unnatural nutrition tends to cause stress due to its conflict with the body's system, not using this kind of food leads to a proportionate omission of the mentioned stress. This in its turn reduces the need to work of one's stress on others.

Because furthermore obtaining perfectly life-friendly nutrition doesn't deserve to be punished one way or another for what it caused to nature, this cannot lead to this punishing taking place by other persons either, the way often occurs in the non-paradisiacal situation. 

One of the most significant consequences of this and that is that sexual intercourse doesn't have to be used time and time again for the one and the other, but in principle only occurs to the extent that the essential reason for it, namely reproduction, is actually present. Hence perversities like homosexuality, peadophelia and incest don't even exist, whereas partners don't (have to) cheat on each other.

But in addition, the tendency to achieve some things through crime is also disregarded proportionally.




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